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September 7, 2009
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@09:27:rofl: Drunk people are always fun :lmao: It was funny because NOBODY knew where they were at that party :giggle: It was a very good one :rofl:
:music: Episode 8!!

This is the web-edited version of the show :) You can catch the entire thing on air for the last time this wednesday night at midnight on channel 6, 8, 12, 19, 29, and 56 in So. Cal. Fun adventures on the Sunset Strip ;) Next week we premier Episode 9!

For those of you new to the show, we have silly credits and endings XD :nod:

This initially aired August 19th on KDOC in Southern California ;)

Episodes currently up:
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This episode includes the birthday party of the editor of Rock City News in Hollywood, some rather interesting characters on the sunset strip, and overall, a lot of drunk people :lmao:

I've cut this episode up from it's original airtime of 28.5minutes to about 9minutes (if you want to see the music videos in full, you can view EvLoud's stuff in my gallery films or watch the entire full episode at our youtube). :nod: Episodes are posted in their entirety on our youtube:

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:pointr: Unsigned Rock TV airs on broadcast television station KDOC at midnight every Wednesday in southern california, channels 6, 8, 12, 19, 29, and 56 depending on your location. Check out KDOC's channel finder to find our show's channel in YOUR town! We're in TV Guide as well ;)

If you're further interested in the bands or music vids you've seen, please check out their links below or contact me! ^___^ All the vids for EvLOUD that I've done are located in my gallery; Toe Head's can be found via their links, or our youtube.

:bulletgreen: EVLOUD:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Toe Head :bulletgreen:

:bulletpink: Check out my other Films :)

This show edited on Adobe Premier Pro CS3, shot with a Sony HDV 1080i/mini DV camera....i wish we had after effects ;;_;;

Unsigned Rock TV® is registered with the United States Copyright office and is a trademark of Electric Jungle Productions, all rights reserved. ©Electric Jungle Studios 1986-2009. Check us out on myspace at and add us on all your favorite sites!

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@09:27I enjoyed the drunk people party! You need more drunk people on your show.
@09:27:rofl: Drunk people are always fun :lmao: It was funny because NOBODY knew where they were at that party :giggle: It was a very good one :rofl:
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